“I have taken private lessons with Bel and enjoyed them very much. Her yoga style is dynamic and her lessons vary each time. I like the fact that she challenges you but at the same time respects your limits. Bel is a very nice and positive person and the lessons with her are always big fun!”

Jasmin, berlin

O poder do yoga é realmente incrível, e é incrível quando um professor de yoga se sintoniza e o aluno só sente que tudo o que foi dito e trabalhado era exactamente o que era necessário naquele momento, de repente há espaço onde antes não havia! Imensamente grata Bel. Que aula maravilhosa!

catarina, lisbon

“Since November 2012 I have been attending in Yoga class with BEL as the instructor. The Yoga classes are diversified, one times emphasing  relaxation, other times concentration and posture. After each class I am feeling more light, with more energy and also with more work capacity. Another benefits I can notice is my posture is much better. Bel is  able to transmit to us a lot of happiness, energy and is also capable of identifying the kind of exercise we need for each lesson depending on our state of mind. I recommend BEL´s Yoga classes to everyone!.”

lucia, portugal