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Tips for your meditation practice:

  1. Try to meditate at the same time – it’ll help you in maintaining a routine
  2. Drink a glass of water before you start
  3. Find a quiet space – or use noise cancelling headphones
  4. Unplug and make sure you’ll not be disturbed for the duration of your practice
  5. Set an alarm with for the desired time (unless following a guided meditation)
  6. Make yourself comfortable – best is to come into a seated position
  7. Focus on your breath or on sound (e.g. music)
  8. Your mind will wander and that’s ok. It’s part of the process. Once you are aware of it, redirect your focus to observing your breath
  9. Journal right after – about what you experienced or any insight you gained

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Here are some examples:

A soothing guided meditation for inner peace & calm.

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Set yourself up for an abundant life.

Take a five-minute break to breathe and reset your energy.

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