a storyteller, meditation and breath-work guide and an advocate for a conscious lifestyle.

Bel in a nutshell:

  • The first man landed on the moon and I on planet earth
  • My name is Isabel, but I go by Bel. Some also call me Isa.
  • I grew up between Portugal and Germany.
  • I studied acting and dance in Cologne, Paris, New York and Los Angeles
  • I started teaching movement in 1994
  • I meditate regularly since 1998
  • I started teaching yoga in 2005
  • I founded Lilatribe, a yoga teacher training program in 2011
  • I founded Scope of Stillness in 2020
  • I love chocolate and movement and snorkeling in the ocean

And here a close up version of Bel:

Life has countless facets, colours and timelines. As a life explorer with an adventurous soul, Bel was never destined to walk her life in a straight line, instead her curiosity to learn about, get to know and discover new places (inside and outside) has always been a driving force frequently launching her onto different paths.

This diversity fills her heart with gratitude, as it has enabled her to develop into and live as a multi-potentialist(*). And so, today she is a storyteller, meditation and breath-work guide, travel expert, and an advocate for a conscious lifestyle.

Bel is truly committed to finding her authentic and honest voice, as well as in advocating a healthy, happy, sustainable lifestyle. Conscious movement is what moves her, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. It fills her with JOY to inspire others to find time for self-care, contemplation and expansion of their awareness of all life that surrounds us. She is a dancer of LIFE with a serious taste for movement, chocolate, study, colors, friendships, travel and snorkeling in the ocean.  

Bel is of Portuguese origin, she grew up in Germany and after spending some time in New York and Paris and a few other places, she decided it was time to find out what these origins really mean and hence settled in Portugal in 2009. Most likely inspired by the constant motion in her life, Bel discovered very early on an inner need to express herself through MOVEMENT. She practiced gymnastics, dance and just simply skipped around all the time. Her artistic soul and her love of expression through the various forms of movement led her to study acting, dance and to perform on stage. At the same time she started teaching fitness classes and jazz dance for children. Eventually she discovered Yoga and started teaching yoga classes in 2005. Somewhere along the way Bel began experimenting with Aerial Silks and fell in LOVE with natural flows like Animal Flow. And last but not least, meditation in its diverse forms has also been a firm ally throughout her life. 

But Bel’s love of movement doesn’t stop there, it also found an outlet in traveling and her PASSION for languages, turning her into a polyglot and taking her around the world to discover new places and making connections with country and people. Additionally, she works as a Tour and Cruise Director for various TRAVEL companies, all of which are among the top players in the international tourism industry. 

In her downtime, you might probably find Bel at her home-base Lisbon studying and deepening her knowledge of her many interests and passions, such as art history, street art CULTURE, yogic philosophy and mythology, and most certainly you can find her somewhere exploring the diverse forms of movement of the body.

* “A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. … Multipotentialites thrive on learning, exploring, and mastering new skills. … We are excellent at bringing disparate ideas together in creative ways. This makes us incredible innovators and problem solvers. …”  — Emilie Wapnick, Terminology, Puttylike

From the Center of my Heart to Yours