about that teaching…

You asked … I answer 

Lately I got quite some inquiries from my students about when I was going to teach yoga classes again. As most of you know about a year and half ago I took a break from teaching. There were several reasons that led me to it, but the most important one being my need for exploration and re-new-un-defining  and uncovering yet another part of myself. I have always been passionate about teaching, sharing and growing with each other, but after 22 years at it in different forms, my inner being was calling for a pause. At the time I had no idea where it would lead me. But whenever I have this feeling of unrest, I know it’s time to act upon it. I sat in silence and felt into my heart for inspiration, but I couldn’t hear an answer. I am not used to that, which of course confused me. So, I decided that in the meanwhile I would pour more energy into my other job, tour guiding. After so many years of being on the road, I came to realise for the first time it was more than just a job. I truly enjoy showing people the beauty of this continent and sharing the treasures that abound around us.  At the same time I have been continuing to practice and train and roll out my mat and simply experiment with movement as such. And this is when the inspiration opened up to me. I have always been a big fan of diversity and my life has never been linear and neither have my physical practices. I always thought of it as a weakness and it took me a long while to embrace it. So, there you go, multi-disciplinary is the key word. Bringing it all together without a need for entitlement or style. It is simply life and moving through it, consciously embodying its various forms while constantly creating momentary shapes of being. Therefore, teaching yoga or any other specific discipline at this moment in time would not be honest and sincere enough.

My movement playground now might involve yoga, aerials, animal work, functional training, balance practices, pranayama and breath awareness, meditation and contemplation, mindfulness practice and even plain old cardio training. It’s the conscious awareness while playing which is more important to me then a specific classification of the action. Exploring in this way has led me to a deeper spiritual connection then ever before. So, whether or not I will come back to offer the precious teachings of yoga as I have done before, well, I still don’t know but what I do know is that I won’t stop and new life is birthing every day. 

Lately I have been co-creating a concept with one of my dearest and closest friends. It’s all about movement and stillness. Soon we will let you know more about what we have to offer, but until then it’s all still in the make. It will definitely involve a lot of query as somewhere deep inside the body, in its truest vibration, that is where we are able to connect to our true essence.and find our inner wisdom.

Life is change and change is life and that always sounded appealing to me. 

Keep on practicing as beautifully as you do and please continue to keep in touch always. 


11 de Abril 2018, Academia Lifeclub, Lisboa

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