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“I dedicate myself to conscious living, because I believe it is an expansive and truly rewarding way to find the beautiful expression of your own unique inner song. The melody that encourages each one of us to follow the constant playful beat of the heart. Going within, learning to appreciate yourself and aspiring to be one’s best in any given situation.” – Bel Janela

The benefits of finding stillness and silence within are endless for one’s well-being. Embedded in a sacred inner place that holds the potential of everything, like a magical space somewhere in between where body, mind and soul melt with inner peace, calm and joy. A place where your creativity unfolds. It is the Scope of Stillness.


In her many years of teaching movement, yoga and meditation, Bel has gained deep-rooted experience in creating and holding a space where participants may feel welcome and above all safe. Again and again she could testify to the healing power of finding silence within.

In reaction to the global pandemic, many of her students and friends reached out to find support in calming and overcoming fears and anxieties. After hours of Zoom and video calls a desire to be of service to a wider community grew stronger. Scope of Stillness was born from the intention to make meditation, breath-work, mindfulness, self-awareness and relaxation exercises accessible to everyone no matter where – even without leaving one’s home.

Through her offerings Bel continues to integrate the knowledge she has acquired during her studies, as well as through her work as a meditation teacher and as a leader of groups, teaching yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and daily classes.

From the Center of my Heart to Yours